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Rubric - Migrating at Work

Dupedi - Introduction

On his way to migrate most of his machines to a GNU/Linux and Free Software-based solution, Dupedi (company active in the publication of magazines in Brussels) asked for help to a specialized company.

To be sure to control the solution in the end, the IT-manager approached our LUG and got links to his members and responsibles. Naturally, it was asked one day to help him to the get to the end (not go back, in fact) of this exciting project. We were enthusiastic about helping in that project and get finally GNU/Linux into the entreprises market.

As of now, we can tell that the challenges were numerous. But we are really proud of the solutions found to resolve any problem that had arised.

Being Free Software evangelists, we felt the need to make all the information and experience gathered in that project available to the community.

We had already set up a dedicated mailing-list: lxoffice@lists.bxlug.be.

I you want to subscribe, you will find it here and if you just want to consult the archives, see here.

We also put a structured documentation in a tree-form. Following the links hereunder, you'll find the details of the solution as it has been set up and the answers to the specific needs encountered.

Bienvenue dans le monde du libre