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The BxLUG manages several mailing lists:

And more. Full listing


Subscribing to the lists is really easy. You just need to register online on the addresses afore-mentioned by filling in the registration form.

Then you will get a confirmation request; you'll simply have to hit "Reply" on this mail and it will be done ! A welcome message with practical informations will then be sent to you.

Once this is done you'll get every mail published on the list.

If you want to publish a message you'll need to send an email to the list address list-name@lists.bxlug.be (for example: linux-bruxelles@lists.bxlug.be).

The annonces list is moderated and should only be used to get event notices.

Subscription management

You can get the useful information to manage your subscriptions to the different lists available from the BxLUG by going to the page http://lists.bxlug.be/mailman/options/list-name/your-address

If you get lost, use the connection page from the main list.

Mailing lists archives

Archives for the mailing-lists are available on their respective pages.

Software used

Mailman is the software used to managed those lists. The interface used here for subscribing and for the archives were developed specifically for the BxLUG website; the original interface of Mailman is also available on lists.bxlug.be

[1] it was previously called lcp-annonce

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