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Rubric - Glasnost

Glasnost's Usage at BxLUG

This website runs completely on Glasnost, thanks to Frédéric Péters.

This engine completely written in Python is really powerful and allows, to you members of BxLUG, to publish, review, complete and translate articles easily, and much more…

SPIP syntax is the main one used, but others are supported…

To use it as anonymous visitor, several features are hidden:

To get your login and password, just ask us and tell us who you are  [2].

Then, you will learn to publish thanks to the documentation available for Glasnost.

The bests will then be able to submit bug reports to bugs.glasnost.entrouvert.org [3]. This article lists features we would like added or fixed in Glasnost.

[1] yes, this is the author's fault

[2] you basically need to be registered to the BxLUG

[3] sorry Frédéric Péters, I couldn't refrain from it;-)

Bienvenue dans le monde du libre