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«Cleaning» Evolution's processes at logoff

Ximian Evolution sometimes leaves processes running if not stopped correctly [1]. It is shipped with a tool to kill all these undesirable processes, called killev.

To stop it cleanly, use this in command-line as user:
$ /usr/bin/killev
Or this, if it is Evolution version 1.4 or greater:
$ /usr/bin/evolution --force-shutdown

To fix this at logout, if using GDM:

if [ -x /usr/bin/killev ]; then
Since version 1.4, the best way to do this is to use evolution --force-shutdown instead of killev, like this:
if [ -x /usr/bin/evolution ]; then
        /usr/bin/evolution --force-shutdown
Moreover, killev changed his path, and is now here: /usr/lib/evolution/1.4/killev.

[1] which is easy, one must admit

[2] not even necessary

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