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Using Woody in various environments (professional, personnal, or gaming), it appears that some packages are missing, are present but too old, or have important bugs in the official Debian version. That's exactly why we backport many packages. Why not put them freely available once they have been thoroughly tested then? For these reasons, those packages are available in this Debian repository, here: apt.bxlug.be.

Put this in your /etc/apt/sources.list to use them:

deb http://apt.bxlug.be backport-from-sid-to-woody/

If you find bugs in those packages or would like us to add other ones (yours or packages backported by us for you), don't hesitate to ask.

Aside, we put also a complement to James Strandboge's backport of GNOME 2.2 for Woody. Read carefully this before installing (in French): http://lists.bxlug.be/pipermail/lxoffice/2003-July/000524.html.

deb http://apt.bxlug.be gnome2.2/

We even put an OpenOffice.org 1.1 backport for Woody with GNOME 2.2 here:

deb http://apt.bxlug.be ooo/

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